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Watch how Katie, RTLI and the progressive Sultan of Oman create leadership opportunities for women…

This morning I drove to my friend Kerry’s house to watch Katie, Raya and RTLI on The Jeff Probst Show! Near the end of the interview I was struck by a powerful, important statement Jeff made. When summing up Katie’s amazing life trajectory he remarked, “You are a hero! Katie, you said to yourself, ‘There’s not a path here, but I think I found one,’ and then you said, ‘Come on guys (gals!) – Let’s all go in’!”

That’s a very concise summation of the Rising Tide Leadership Institute.

As we build Rising Tide we will be able to inspire, engage, educate and equip thousands of women like Raya, and her Omani teammates, and HUNDREDS of thousands like the studio audience and viewership of the Jeff Probst Show. There is no lasting impact in Trail Blazing – unless you have opened up the path for many others to follow.

We invite you ALL to come on this Trail Blazing journey of equipping girls and women to be leaders who make a difference in their communities, countries and throughout the world. You can start by sharing this show segment with others!

A very special thank you to Amy Coleman, Executive Producer, and the entire team at The Jeff Probst Show, for helping us inspire women to lead lives of great impact.

Katie on JP - Kerry's

It was amazing to watch Katie tell the RTLI story today on daytime TV, at my friend Kerry’s house, in Leland Michigan! (Jeff Probst locates Oman on a map.)

Watch Katie on The Jeff Probst Show, Monday, April 22

Women Breaking Down Barriers
“Jeff Probst meets three fearless and inspiring females who are breaking down barriers and changing the world. Jeff speaks with professional sailor Katie Pettibone, who is now creating an all-female sailing team out of the Middle Eastern country of Oman. Then, Jeff meets Ronda Rousey, the first and only female UFC fighting champion. And later, young conservationist Ocean Ramsey joins Jeff to speak about the viral video of her swimming with a Great White Shark that inspired her to start a campaign to prove that sharks are not aggressive and completely misunderstood.”

We are thrilled for Katie, and excited to introduce thousands of viewers to the Rising Tide Leadership Institute via The Jeff Probst Show! Watch a 30 second clip of Monday’s show – now. At the end of this clip, individual interview clips will appear – click on the ‘Breaking Barriers in a Male-Dominated Sport’ video to watch Katie’s 9:50 min. segment. 

For your local daytime TV listing – click here.

Katie on Jeff Probst Show


Katie and RTLI on the Jeff Probst Show!

Last Wednesday Rising Tide Leadership Institute co-founder Katie Pettibone taped an appearance on the Jeff Probst Show. Through this show Katie will be able to reach thousands with RTLI’s message. Way to go Katie!

Watch Katie on the Jeff Probst Show on Monday, April 22. Check your local daytime TV listing.

Katie with Jeff Probst

Katie with show host Jeff Probst. He is know to millions as the Host of ‘Survivor.’

“It was hard and COLD!”

Congratulations to the Oman Women’s Sailing Team in their recent regatta in France…

Omani Women's Sail Team in France

The Oman Woman’s Sailing Team races in COLD France after SATT 2013.

The world-renowned Spi Ouest Regatta, a five-day event running from March 28 – April 1, with between 130 and 150 boats on the start line – featuring some of the world’s best yachtsmen and women – was a great learning experience for the Oman Women’s Sailing Team, led by Liz Rushall… and quite a contrast to their warm home waters in Oman.

“Every day, we’ve had sub-zero temperatures, and they have had to clear the ice off the decks, rig and tune the boat, and pack up at the end of some long, bitterly cold days. They were competing against 110 other boats, and it was the biggest fleet they had ever seen, so their hearts were racing at the start line and at mark roundings. This has been a fantastic training opportunity while we work towards the J80 Worlds in Marseilles in July,” shared coach Niall Myant.

Click to read more in the Times of Oman article regarding this exciting, first-time, international sailing experience for these brave Omani women! Congratulations Raya, Intesar, Raaja, Tahira, Ibtisam, Asrar & Liz. Great job!

Feature photo by Marc Ollivier, France 2013