Programs & Platforms

Sailing, aviation and motor sports have attributes that define them as high-technology sports. Expertise in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) are essential to drive development, foster innovation and improve industry standards. Development and management issues in high-technology sports mirror the dynamic complexities faced by global organizations. And each of these high-technology sports platforms has a massive global audience.

Rising Tide Leadership Institute will use these platforms to inspire, educate
and equip women leaders by:

  • Creating and promoting unconventional leader women role models on a global stage
  • Building awareness of high-performance and organizational excellence and leadership development
  • Creating education resources and tools to broaden the reach of equipping women to compete and succeed


Ambassador Program

Rising Tide Leadership Institute Ambassadors will help build awareness of the Institute’s programs and provide inspirational role models for girls and women. RTLI Ambassadors will be engaged in high-technology sports platforms with global media coverage promoting RTLI programs and initiatives. Top female athletes, who embrace RTLI mission and values, will help us build social and cultural bridges to girls and women worldwide.

Rising Tide Racing

Rising Tide Racing will be comprised of elite, international women athletes who come together to compete and win in high-performance events while inspiring, educating and equipping women leaders to compete and succeed.

Strategic Leadership Partner Development

Rising Tide Leadership Institute will develop strategic partnerships with other organizations to build awareness of high-performance and organizational excellence and leadership development. We will collaborate with strategic partners to develop and create education resources and tools to broaden the reach and impact of equipping women to compete and succeed.

Potential strategic partner programs include exhibits and activities at domestic and international sports and special events; volunteer and internship opportunities; development and delivery of education curriculum; distribution and circulation of artistic product such as writing, photographic and video journal collections; panel discussions and public forums on topics relating to the mission and values of RTLI and its strategic partner organizations.