Watch how Katie, RTLI and the progressive Sultan of Oman create leadership opportunities for women…

This morning I drove to my friend Kerry’s house to watch Katie, Raya and RTLI on The Jeff Probst Show! Near the end of the interview I was struck by a powerful, important statement Jeff made. When summing up Katie’s amazing life trajectory he remarked, “You are a hero! Katie, you said to yourself, ‘There’s not a path here, but I think I found one,’ and then you said, ‘Come on guys (gals!) – Let’s all go in’!”

That’s a very concise summation of the Rising Tide Leadership Institute.

As we build Rising Tide we will be able to inspire, engage, educate and equip thousands of women like Raya, and her Omani teammates, and HUNDREDS of thousands like the studio audience and viewership of the Jeff Probst Show. There is no lasting impact in Trail Blazing – unless you have opened up the path for many others to follow.

We invite you ALL to come on this Trail Blazing journey of equipping girls and women to be leaders who make a difference in their communities, countries and throughout the world. You can start by sharing this show segment with others!

A very special thank you to Amy Coleman, Executive Producer, and the entire team at The Jeff Probst Show, for helping us inspire women to lead lives of great impact.

Katie on JP - Kerry's

It was amazing to watch Katie tell the RTLI story today on daytime TV, at my friend Kerry’s house, in Leland Michigan! (Jeff Probst locates Oman on a map.)