Executive Summary


The extraordinary progress in information and communications technology, coupled with the increased speed of technological advancements and global competition is creating a new and very different economic world. Information and knowledge are replacing capital and energy as primary wealth creating assets.

Leg-1-beginning-hoistSuccess in a knowledge-based economy demands different thinking and leadership skills. This new economic world requires leaders who can adapt quickly, navigate dynamic change and prioritize information. Problem solving now requires critical and systems thinking. Complex communication and social skills, self-management and self-development are essential for leadership excellence. There is a worldwide shortage of leaders who are prepared and equipped for success in this new global economy.

People are the ultimate resource. Women are the largest untapped, underdeveloped resource in the global economy.


Decades of data prove that women are wired to succeed as leaders. Research confirms that women leaders are a success factor for improved results in all organizations from family to small business to corporations to governments. Yet, there is critical shortage of women equipped with the leadership skills necessary to compete and succeed in the new knowledge-based economy. A combination of factors create this shortage:

  • Lack of women leader role models
    Women self-select out when they don’t see themselves as leaders.
  • Lack of access and opportunity for leadership development
    Opportunities for women to compete in non-gender specific environments and restricted access to education in various degrees by societal and cultural norms.
  • Limited acceptance
    Women in leadership roles are perceived as addressing diversity and inclusion issues rather than for the sustainable economic impact women leaders make.


How to develop women leaders to compete
and succeed in the global economy.

Meeting the Challenge

We Believe there is a direct correlation between the skill development required to successfully compete in high-technology sports and the skill development needed to lead and succeed in the global economy.

We Believe that the Rising Tide Leadership Institute has a unique model for inspiring and equipping women leaders to compete in the global economy.