Sailing Arabia The Tour

2012: A Model For Impact

Oman Sail established Sailing Arabia The Tour in 2011, a regional alternative to the internationally renowned Tour de France a la Voile. Sailing Arabia The Tour (SATT) is the
first international sailing regatta joining together the nations of the Arabian Gulf to race competitively around the region. Read more about SATT:

Oman Undersecretary of Ministry with the 2012 Oman Women’s Sailing Team

Oman Undersecretary of Ministry with the 2012 Oman Women’s Sailing Team










By invitation of the Sultan of Oman, Katie Pettibone, Dee Caffari and a core team of elite international women sailors began coaching novice young Omani women to compete in SATT 2012. These young Omani women who had never seen themselves as athletes or leaders were given extraordinary role models in Katie, Dee and their elite athlete peers. From never having been in a gym nor experienced competition, to excelling in a grueling 1,200 mile ocean race against men, these young women became leaders, role models and are today impacting thousands of other young women.

In SATT 2012 Katie, Dee and their peers knew that by training, coaching and racing with the young Omani women, it would advance their self confidence, skill ability and the vision for what they believed was possible in their lives. They did not realize that there might be a way to leverage the journey and stories of the Omani’s to inspire and equip women all over the globe with the same skills and process that made the young Omani women successful. In the following months, the vision for Rising Tide Leadership Institute (RTLI) grew as we came to see the link between the Omani women’s experience and a process that creates organizational excellence and leaders.

2013: A Global Model For Success

Rising Tide Leadership Institute Ambassadors Katie Pettibone and Dee Caffari will re-join Raya Al Habsi and Intisar Al Tobi to further develop the team depth of the Omani Women Off-Shore Sailors.

RTLI will provide web and social media coverage of the Omani Women Off-Shore Sailors as they compete in SATT. Our blog will follow the preparation, training and racing of the Omani Women’s Team and will intentionally link their activities to the RTLI Process for Team Excellence.

The 2013 SATT is scheduled for February 10-25, 2013. The proposed route has seven stops along the Arabian Coast: Bahrain, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Ras Al Khaima, Dibba Zighy Bay, Mussnah and Muscat. Follow the race!

2013 SATT map