New Technology = Global Audience

In 1995 there was no web, not even a tweet. The ’95 America’s Cup created the most media coverage to date for that event based on the available media channels. Due to limited broadcast and technological advances, the competition was unable to reach a broad, diverse, global audience. The main communication channels (print, TV and facsimile) were all one-way. Domestic television coverage was limited to one network, and ancillary cable coverage targeted to male 18-34 demographic. Media coverage was measured by traditional household viewership statistics: “eyeballs” on broadcasts or circulation figures for national print vehicles, such as Sports Illustrated, USA Today. And, it was all very expensive.

ESS crowd

The evolution of technology has changed everything. Communication channels are now global. The global range of intellectual property and media rights includes broadcast, cable and internet TV, audio media, web distribution, social media, print and film. Communication is now two-way. Engagement and interactive dialogs are real time between events and global audiences as a group and as individuals. Properties can now build broad, diverse global audiences through multiple channels of communication at extremely efficient costs.

Building Global Audiences & Corporate Partnerships

High-performance sports events in sailing, aviation and motor sports generate large-scale, international audiences and worldwide media coverage that now includes all social media channels. Rising Tide Leadership Institute Ambassadors and Racing Teams participating in these events will deliver even larger audiences with new fans following high-performance women leaders in competition.

In partnership with these events, global corporations have developed successful marketing campaigns that have delivered measurable return on their investment by increasing bottom-line results and international exposure. RTLI can increase measurable results to global corporate partners with increased audience reach. In addition, global corporations can leverage a RTLI partnership to inspire and develop high-performance and organizational excellence in their companies.