Change the World

Dream Further – Don’t Change Your Dreams – Change the World! This is the theme of a three minute video by Nike. NOT seeing people who look like us, NOT having access to skills, education and mentors and NOT having access to opportunity are dream killers. In order for us all to solve the big […]

You Can’t Be What You Can’t See

“People hire people who look like them—and that is the problem.” –Muffet McGraw, head women’s basketball coach at Notre Dame.  She NAILED it! You can’t be what you can’t see. I was stunned to read her words ‘Did you know that the Equal Rights Amendment was introduced in 1967 and still hasn’t passed?’ Are you kidding […]

Sailing Teaches Us How to Navigate Life

‘What Your Daughter Learns When She Learns to Sail’ — This article appeared in Thrive Global. In addition to the eight listed in the article (and below) is the overarching trait of confidence. Putting a tiller in a girl’s hand, whether it be a sunfish on a small lake or on a Volvo 60 racing 33,000 […]

How Victory Gets Measured

Katie Pettibone, Co-Founder of the Rising Tide Leadership Institute talks about the professional all-women entry in this year’s grueling Sydney-Hobart race. Bringing with them not only a message that women can win—but also a dire message of the dangers of plastic in our oceans. Read More

It’s time for your next adventure—in 2019!

January is a great time to ask ourselves about our vision for the year ahead. We will achieve so much more if we are intentional about where we want to go – rather than racing blindly from one day to the next. To start answering these big questions – we first need to seek clarity […]