2013 USA Women’s Match Racing Champion Team!

Congratulations Ladies!  In a three-day series at the Chicago Match Race Center that featured everything from light shifty breeze to big wind and waves, Chicago-based Jennifer Wilson and her team of Sally Barkow (Nashotah, Wisconsin), Katherine Pettibone (Sacramento, California), Krista Paxton (Royal Oak, Michigan), and Sandi Svoboda (Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan) have won the Allegra Knapp Mertz Trophy for the 2013 US Women’s Match Racing Championship. After defeating Sandy Hayes in a 2-0 Semi-Final, Wilson and team went on to defeat Stephanie Roble and her team in a 3-1 Final.

2013 US Womens Match Race Champions

L to R: Sally Barkow, Sandi Svoboda, Jennifer Wilson, Krista Paxton, Katie Pettibone

For winning this ISAF Grade 3 championship, Wilson will receive an automatic invitation to the Open US Match Racing Championship this September in Sheboygan, Wisconsin as well as the Women’s International Match Race Series event this July in Oyster Bay, New York.

“I was really comfortable racing with this team,” said Wilson. “We have sailed a lot together over the years. I felt like we had the best group out there. I let Sally do her magic and take care of tactics, while I focused on sailing fast and smooth in the shifty conditions.”

Rising Tide Leadership Institute Ambassador Katie Pettibone shared, “It was a great weekend of racing with both new and more experienced match racers. It was fun to battle it out against Stephanie Roble and her team who after doing an Olympic campaign have been out on the circuit honing their skills. We had great speed and picked our lanes carefully and were able to prevail to ultimately win.” [Read More]