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Raya al Habsi ~ A fast path to success!

In the fall of 2011 Raya al Habsi and several other young Omani women met Dee Caffari, Katie Pettibone and 4 other elite international women sailors. Dee, Katie and their peers had been invited to Oman by Oman Sail to begin coaching and mentoring this novice group of young women to compete in their first sailing race – the 2012 Sailing Arabia the Tour (SATT). From never having been in a gym to competing with men in a 1200 mile grueling race along the Arabian Coast, Raya and her team mates embarked on a journey that has not only changed the course of their own lives, but inspired thousands of girls and women and their families around the world.

Raya History article

“As part of Oman Sail’s continued efforts to develop women’s sailing in the sultanate, Omani sailor Raya Al Habsi will also be competing on board. She has previously competed in Sailing Arabia-The Tour in 2012 and 2013, and is currently part of the all-female Oman Sail entry at the J/80 Worlds. “Raya has been with us from the beginning of the girls’ offshore sailing,” says Caffari. “She has been working the bow on the Farr 30 and has been cold, wet and beaten up and still continues to smile, which is a good characteristic to have for a tough environment, which the Fastnet is. This is big deal for Oman Sail and for Arab women in sport.” [Read More]

Join us as we follow Rising Tide Leadership Institute Ambassador Dee Caffari, and Oman Sail’s Raya al Habsi, as they compete on the blazing fast 70′ multihull Aman-Air Masandam in this year’s Fastnet race starting August 11th. More news to follow!