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Oman Sail Women’s Team makes French debut!

Oman Women's Team 2013Rising Tide Leadership Institute wishes the Oman Sail Women’s Team smooth sailing as they compete in the world-renowned Spi Ouest Regatta, a five-day event running from March 28 – April 1, with between 130 and 150 boats on the start line – featuring some of the worlds best yachtsmen and women. Click below and scroll down to read three brief articles regarding these amazing young Omani women, and their enthusiasm to meet the challenge in France… Go girls!

A global dialogue is taking shape: How to create opportunity for women?

WHY must we create opportunity for women?

40 years of global data shouts loudly – when we lift up women, communities are healthier, businesses are more successful and the world is more prosperous.
Over the past few months the US and international news media have shared many stories covering the full spectrum of the global opportunities dialogue concerning women.

Half The Sky bookThe Half the Sky movement (book, PBS documentary and website – 2009) has helped to raise global consciousness on the brutal oppression of women in the world, while also seeking to create opportunity for these women. Half the Sky shines a global spotlight on the issues through inspiring stories about extraordinary women, and that the most effective way to fight global poverty is to unleash the potential of women.

Girl Rising posterLast week’s Premiere of Girl Rising a social action movie campaign shouts the anthem – One Girl at a Time – declaring I AM CHANGE! Their message is that educating girls in developing countries will change the world, presented through the stories of nine girls from nine countries. Their stories illustrate triumph over adversity, and the strength of human spirit.

Lean In bookAnd this week – with the release of Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead, a national dialogue has entered the front pages of our newspapers and digital space as she encourages women to Lean In to leadership opportunities. This has opened a national debate as to ‘What is holding women back?’

The answer to ‘How to create opportunity for women?’
is vastly different (though not mutually exclusive) with each of the above movements:

  • For the girls and women living in the level of tragic oppression high-lighted by Half the Sky, reasons that hold women back include:
    – the international trade of human trafficking
    – millennium of oppression
    – devaluing women to the status of mere ‘property’
    – patriarchal power structures dependent upon keeping women subservient and subjugated
  • As Girl Rising addresses, girls and women living without basic rights and opportunities and the lack of educating girls, holds back not only women, but entire societies.
  • And for working women in developed countries, Sheryl Sandberg challenges in Lean In, that women are often their own barrier by not stepping up to the leadership opportunities presented to them.

All three of these ‘answers’ are critical. They each play out in different socio economic development areas of the world, and they are often progressive.

Leadership matters:
A global emphasis on ‘leadership development’ is essential. Influencing leaders to effect the changes necessary to create and sustain opportunities for women, AND developing women leaders are essential to this equation.

SATT 2013Rising Tide Leadership Institute:
The Rising Tide Leadership Institute’s mission includes raising awareness, and inspiring girls and women to step into greater spheres of opportunity… whether it be education, career or other leadership roles. We create opportunities and educational resources for girls and women to experience leadership development in competitive environments. We educate girls and women with tools and process for personal and organizational leadership success. This is our niche in the critical and extraordinary global movement of lifting up women in the world.

when Women Win,
the World Wins.


We invite you to explore our website, to educate yourself by reading or viewing Half the Sky, visit the Girl Rising website and watch the film, read Lean In, and support the development of women around the world!

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Don’t miss ‘Girl Rising’ – a revolution!

Girl Rising – created by 10×10, is a groundbreaking feature film and a social action campaign, that uses the power of storytelling and the leverage of strategic partnerships to deliver a single message: educating girls in developing nations will change the world. The film tells the stories of nine extraordinary girls from nine different countries. Each girl’s story was written by a celebrated writer from her native country, and narrated by nine renowned actresses. Despite tremendous obstacles, these brave girls offer hope and inspiration. By getting an education, they’re able to break barriers and create change. The film premiers on March 7… click here for a theatre near you.

Girl Rising emphasizes the importance of Rising Tide Leadership Institute’s mission to develop women leaders by creating inspiration and opportunity for girls and women to discover their best selves, and their full leadership potential. Raya Al Habsi experienced this in both the 2012 and 2013 Sailing Arabia The Tour, with RTLI Ambassador’s Katie Pettibone and Dee Caffari. Raya was interviewed after SATT 2012 by the Dubai Health and Fitness Magazine (click and scroll down to read article), where she declared…

Raya Al Habsi on bow, SATT 2013

Raya Al Habsi on bow, SATT 2013

“Women are not weak – we are strong – and we can do anything we set our minds to!”

One girl at a time.