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Congratulations Intisar! ~ Winner of Oman’s first ‘Woman Sailor of the Year’ award

Rising Tide Leadership Institute congratulates Intisar al Toubi, age 24, for becoming Oman’s FIRST ‘Woman Sailor of the Year’ recipient! Intisar first began training and sailing in November, 2011, when she joined Oman Sail. She was one of just four Omani women selected to crew on Oman’s first all-women team, competing in the 2012 Sailing Arabia The Tour, and one of six selected to compete on the women’s 2013 team.

Intisar receiving award

Intisar al Toubi, age 24, receiving Oman’s FIRST ‘Woman Sailor of the Year’ award

RTLI Ambassador Katie Pettibone shares– “From the outset Intisar has always shown amazing potential for becoming an outstanding sailor and leader. She has worked hard, transforming from potential into reality. She gives 100% and is invested in being the best she can be for herself and for the team, growing through high performance sailing. The award is fantastic and I am so pleased that her skill and excellence is being recognized.”

Oman Daily Observer, Muscat– “Intisar is known as a natural leader and a good role model for other girls. Always willing to learn, she understands the bigger picture of the Women’s Sailing Program. During the 15-day 760 miles of intense racing on the Tour she was an active crew member showing a good understanding of trimming and displayed excellent skills with mainsheet trimming during the inshore races. She is also consistently first in the bike fitness test and holds the fastest test time for rowing.”

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Inspiring interview: Dee Caffari is a British yachtswoman who has a serious track record of success!

Trekity: Daily Travel Ideas for Women recently interviewed Rising Tide Leadership Institute Ambassador, Dee Caffari regarding her experience as a woman sailor:


Her journey’s were long and arduous, but Dee “never wanted to give up or stop.”

Here’s the story:
• In 2006, Dee became the first woman to sail solo and non-stop around the world “the wrong way” against winds and currents. Only four men had successfully done so before her.
• In 2009, Dee successfully completed the Vendée Globe – a non-stop and solo sailing race around the world – coming in 6th out of 30 starters.
• In 2011, Dee sailed the Barcelona World Race with a co-skipper, earning her the title as the only woman to have sailed around the world three times, non-stop!


How has sailing changed you?
My sailing has taught me a great deal about myself and how I react to things. I am now much more organized and I prioritize more. I have learnt to only concern myself with things I can do something about and not waste excess energy on things I can not influence.

Do you have any upcoming trips? If so, where to?
I have just returned from Oman where I was skipper and advisor for the Oman Women’s Sailing Program with the Rising Tide Leadership Institute. I plan on doing much more sailing and am currently putting together a campaign that I hope will have me racing around the world again.

Any other thoughts or advice for our women readers?

“It is important to remember you can all do more than you think you can, you just have to dare to dream!” -Dee Caffari









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